Style Basket

We are so excited to announce the launch of our We 3 Style Boxes! Each style box contains 5-8 hand-picked girls and tween clothing and accessory items for the latest season, delivered right to your home. Have a mini-fashion show trying them on with your daughter at home, and then send anything you guys don’t love right back in the pre-paid return bag! My favorite part? Our style boxes can be purchased anytime you want! No need to skip renewals or forget about monthly recurring charges, ugh! Perfect for growth spurts and seasonal wardrobe transitions! 

To get started, email us your request to to receive a box. 

please note: You’ll be charged a flat $5 shipping charge to receive your items.

Charges will be made if tags are removed and items are damaged, or if not returned 7-10 days of product being shipped.

Make sure you read through and understand these terms before signing up to receive a Style Basket ---

The Style Baskets are a fun and risk free way to try out our brand new clothing line. Upon filling out a request form you’ll be emailed a request for your billing information.

Your card will be charged for those items only upon your selection of items you wish to keep OR if should you fail to return the Style Box in the specified time frame. There is no requirement to keep any of the items in your box should you not love them (although we sure hope that’s not the case). We’ll provide a pre-paid shipping label for you to mail back unwanted items to make it super convenient.

Please understand that this is a small business ran by a mom and her daughters and supports my family. To be able to offer amazing service to all my clients I cannot accept items that have been worn/washed or damaged (this includes strong odors such as smoke, pet, or perfumes) and then sent back in a style box return envelope. I do reserve the right to charge full retail for these items should they be returned in less than new condition.  Failure to remit payment for kept items in the specified time frame/or providing an invalid payment type with intent to keep items  may result in additional fees (up to $25 per box in addition to the retail value of all the boxes contents). 

In most cases, a flat $5 shipping fee is charged when requesting a style box by mail. This is my standard rate for any and all shipped purchases and cannot be refunded. I do however cover the cost of all return shipping with a pre-paid label and mailer. Simply place unwanted items in the mailer bag, seal it, and drop it into any outgoing USPS mail box.

If you have any additional questions I’d be happy to help answer them- send me an email at